Herbal Peel

Herbal Peel Treatment

Herbal peels are a solution for clients who cannot use or are apprehensive using chemical peels on their skin due to contraindications or skin problems.  Dermal studio offers Alex Cosmetics Herbal Peel Procedures. 


Alex Cosmetics Herbs2peel is easily the most natural professional skincare treatment for strong regeneration and correction. Worldwide herbs2peel is offered by certified skincare professionals as a reliable solution for various skin conditions and problems including Fine Lines & Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Acne and Sensitivity. Medicinal Herbs are embedded into the skin where they slowly release their bioactive properties of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and antioxidants to resurface and rejuvenate the skin. 


Herbal - B Peel 

(Beauty Peel)

1 Treatment or

3 Treatment Package

Herbal - C Peel 
(Corrective Peel)

2 treatments + 3 full size products (value of $195)

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Beauty Peel (1 day- Fresh Skin) has the advantages of the classic herbal peel treatment, without signs  of visible peeling and is therefore an ideal fresh-kick before special events and as a preparation step into Corrective Peel (5 days- New Skin).

Herbal - C peel is a biological method of resurfacing the skin in just 5 days. Herbal peel is likened to a strong microdermabrasion session. While microdermabrasion blasts the top layer of skin off, a herbal peel will seep into the skin, releasing the active ingredients that will encourage the skin's natural regeneration process.


Included in your C Peel treatment are the Post treatment Alex skin care products to be used until the follow up treatment. When the skin starts to peel, you must not mechanically remove the peeling skin. It must peel on its own. Post treatment full size products include: Herbal super lotion, vitamin cream or clear cream and BB cream (value of 195$)

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